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Critical Race Theory threatens to destroy America.

Through this deadly ideology, radical leftists claim everything about America is racist — from our founding principles of liberty and limited government to even children’s books.

Even more dangerous, leftist school board members and public officials use Critical Race Theory to indoctrinate children to hate America — and their fellow Americans.

You and I must not allow these radicals to brainwash our children and uproot the principles that make this nation great.

To better understand this dire threat to freedom, your Leadership Institute invited noted Critical Race Theory expert Dr. James Lindsay to speak to our friends and supporters.

Dr. Lindsay explained where Critical Race Theory comes from and the dangers it poses to America’s most basic rights and principles. He also urged citizens like you to get involved in countering this deadly threat in your community.

Now, the Leadership Institute has made this terrifying and urgent message available as a free eBook to share with as many people as possible.

The eBook is called Critical Race Theory: Its Origin and Its Antidote. In it, Dr. Lindsay offers a rigorous explanation of the origin of Critical Race Theory so that conservatives can counter the left’s absurd arguments effectively. In addition, he shares practical, simple steps conservatives can take to fight the spread of this vile propaganda in their own communities.

Your free copy of Critical Race Theory: Its Origin and Its Antidote will answer these key questions:

CRT eBook

  • Where does Critical Race Theory come from?
  • How did the left manage to smuggle this dangerous ideology into America’s bedrock institutions?
  • How exactly could Critical Race Theory destroy Western culture?
  • What can ordinary Americans do to fight back effectively against this divisive ideology?
  • And much, much more….

This eBook will show you just how far the left has already taken their “cultural revolution.” But it will also give you hope that together Americans can rise up to defeat this dangerous foe.

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