Fight the campus leftists pushing impeachment

Newly emboldened leftists in Congress are already plotting to impeach President Donald Trump. They’re looking for any excuse to remove him from office.

The drive for impeachment is fueled by the left-wing fever swamps on America’s college campuses:

  • San Diego State University offered a course for credit on removing President Trump from office.
  • Harvard Law School offered a course on “impeachment and removal by other means.”
  • And a Fresno State University professor said that “to save American democracy, Trump must hang.”

These are not isolated incidents. Radical professors and administrators use their positions of influence to push a radical, anti-conservative, and anti-American agenda.

They are supported by leftists who spends boatloads of money — including your taxpayer dollars — to promote their radical agenda and pull the wool over young people’s eyes.

But you can help thwart the leftist push for President Trump’s impeachment. Here’s how:

Young conservative students on college campuses are particularly vulnerable to the left’s radical agenda because they’re surrounded by leftist professors and administrators who intimidate and indoctrinate students on campus with leftist ideology.

Without support — without a mentor like you to walk alongside them — many conservative college students lose the will to stand up for the principles they were raised on.

Become a Leadership Mentor to help conservative students stand firm

You’re a dedicated conservative who knows the fight to reclaim college campuses is ongoing. You know what’s at stake on college campuses. Today’s young people are America’s future voters, grassroots organizers, and elected officials.

Would you consider becoming a Leadership Mentor with a steadfast monthly contribution to the Leadership Institute to train and support these conservative students throughout the entire year?

“No one has done more to inspire and train young conservatives than Morton Blackwell and the Leadership Institute.”Vice President Mike Pence

One hundred percent — 100% — of your monthly Leadership Mentor donation, charged to your credit card, will go to train, organize, and support conservative students to fight back against leftist professors and administrators.

Not only that, your monthly support helps student journalists expose leftist campaigns for President Trump’s impeachment — to say nothing of the ongoing indoctrination, bias, and even physical attack conservatives face on campuses today.

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