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Hayden Williams takes a punch at U.C. Berkeley

In February, a leftist bully hit Leadership Institute field organizer Hayden Williams at U.C. Berkeley as he helped recruit for a conservative student group. He was violently attacked simply for being a conservative.

If you and I don’t stop the anti-conservative campus left now, next time it could be you or your child or your grandchild who is violently assaulted by a leftist.

Conservative students face constant abuse from their peers. Their grades get docked by leftist professors. Their rights get violated by spineless school administrators.

It shouldn’t be this way. This is still America, isn’t it?

Leftists must answer not only for their violent attacks on conservatives at U.C. Berkeley and elsewhere.  They must also answer for the culture of bullying and intimidation they’ve created on college campuses.

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Expose leftist abuses and organize conservative students to fight back

The best way for conservative students to defend themselves and their rights on college campuses is to organize into campus groups — there is strength in numbers.

And the Leadership Institute is the best organization to help these young conservative leaders form campus groups and train them to stand up to the leftist bullies on their campuses.

The culture of leftist intimidation isn’t only a problem at Berkeley — it’s at colleges everywhere, and it’s starting to leach out into the culture at large.

“He took a hard punch in the face for all of us. We can never allow that to happen.”President Donald Trump

The Leadership Institute maintains a network of more than 2,100 active conservative student groups in all 50 states. These groups help young conservatives effectively advance conservative principles — and resist and expose the campus left’s anti-conservative extremism and violence.

Your monthly support equips the Leadership Institute to build and strengthen the conservative movement on America’s college campuses throughout the school year. Your urgent gift will enable the Institute to hire more field staff like Hayden Williams — and organize conservative college students to defend their principles.

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